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Join El Frijol Feliz for a day or more of culinary indulgence. Learn about local ingredients and visit the market with a private guide before heading back to the school to prepare your delicious dishes.  With this unique and authentic experience, El Frijol Feliz will introduce you to Guatemalan culinary culture.


Antigua Market Visit & Cooking Class
Take a tour of the Antigua Market and learn about the traditional ingredients in Guatemalan cooking. Begin your day at 2:30 with a market tour where you can see and smell the ingredients used for Guatemalan cooking. After your market tour you will return to the El Frijol Feliz kitchen to begin your cooking class.

Tour includes: A private English speaking guide, a cooking class, printed recipes, a private 4-dish dinner party, and wine or sodas during the cooking class. (Please refer to the CLASSES page for Cooking Class options.)

Price: $65 per person

Booking Requirement: Reservations should be made 36 hours in advance to secure spaces. Shorter notice based on availability. Check for availability, minimum group size of 2 people.

Days Offered: Everyday.